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by Wei Xuan Huang 09 Nov 2022


IMOOL is committed to assisting people in reaching their full potential with optimal light exposure. According to science, humans require specific red and near-infrared light wavelengths in order to function optimally! Red and near infrared (NIR) light wavelengths set off photobiomodulation, a physiological process that occurs naturally (PBM).

The natural process of photobiomodulation is inhibited by the roofs over our heads because we spend more time indoors than ever before at work and at home. We are constantly living and working in unnatural lighting environments which are detrimental to our health. To combat this IMOOL has created high powered devices with the most advantageous and bioactive wavelengths of naturally occurring sunlight and made them available to you for use indoors in our very powerful and optimal red light therapy panels.


IMOOL has exclusively collaborated with industry leaders in the field of red and near infrared light since its infancy.

Each and every IMOOL Red Light Device is SAA approved, indicating that it has undergone electrical safety testing for Australia. Since many other businesses lack this accreditation, you cannot be guaranteed that your red-light equipment is electrically safe.

We work hard to provide the highest grade red and near infrared light products on the market, along with honesty and superior customer service.

The Panel comes with a 3 year warranty and a zero risk 30 day trial for complete customer satisfaction.

IMOOL Red Light Devices are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The Red Light Panel is a low-risk general use LED light product.


This is important. It is best to make sure you have a device that is capable of producing enough red and infrared light. All IMOOL devices produce an effective amount of red and infrared light, and all panels require distance between the user and the panel as they are too powerful at the surface.


What Wavelengths are Best for Red Light Therapy?

The wavelength of light used in any kind of light therapy is very important because it affects how light will be absorbed. For red light therapy, which targets cytochrome oxidase specifically, the wavelengths that are best absorbed by this molecule will likely be  the most helpful.


Home Red Light Therapy Benefits :

  • Invest your money into a product for lifetime independent use
  • Flexibility around using times and session lengths
  • Home use (no travel times or extra travel expenses)
  • Personal tailoring of environment and comfort
  • No limit on the number of people that can use the Red Light Therapy PowerPanel (financial savings)


The clinical results support both medical and aesthetic benefits to Red Light Therapy treatment. This is a beautiful non-invasive way to treat a multitude of skin problems and skin inflammation.

If you wish to start your journey to healthy and glowing skin - you can invest in your very own Red Light Therapy Device here.

The IMOOL Red Light Therapy comes in several different sizes to suit your treatment area needs. And we also stock a portable travel option so you don’t have to miss an LED light treatment when you will be on the road.

Our red light therapy panels are flicker-free and come equipped with adjustable automatic timing settings.

You'll also find our panels come with a stand. Which ensures you can sit comfortably for even coverage and treatment of the desired area.

There are also optimized with the most effective and research wavelengths to ensure you see the best results!

So,Begin your journey to fresh and rejuvenated skin today!


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