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IMOOL Red Light Therapy for Healthy Aging and Longevity

by Wei Xuan Huang 15 Nov 2022


As a society, we typically associate aging as it relates to our appearance. While gray hairs and facial wrinkles are a common outward sign of this process, most people don’t think about aging on a deeper cellular level. In this article, we discuss the connection between our mitochondria and health, and how red light therapy can support our cells through the aging process. 

Why Do We Age?

While aging can be influenced by many different factors, at a cellular level, it is the result of molecular and cellular deterioration that happens over time. When cells become damaged or die, the body makes new cells to replace them by dividing old ones. This process is called cell division. As we age, our cells become larger and are less able to divide and multiply, preventing the production of new cells. 

Aging is also directly related to a decline in cellular autophagy, a recycling process that our cells maintain to keep the healthy cells functioning. In short, this is how our cells recycle damaged or depleted parts that can be reused to support existing cells, or create new ones.

How Mitochondria Affect Our Cells?

The mitochondria are known as the “powerhouse of the cell” responsible for creating usable energy for the body. They’re remarkably multifunctional and deeply intertwined with many vital cellular processes, including aging. The energy they produce is called ATP, often referred to as “the energy currency of life”, an important role in the body's ability to function.

When our mitochondria are young and healthy, they are more efficient at providing energy with fewer waste products (free radicals). As they age or wear out, mitochondria become less efficient at producing energy, creating significantly higher levels of free radicals.

How Does IMOOL Support Our Mitochondria?

If aging can be directly tied to the state of our cellular health, specifically mitochondrial health, then maintaining good cellular health is vital for longevity and aging. According to Dr. Lee Know, author of “Mitochondria and the Future of Medicine,” improving and maintaining good mitochondrial function has the potential to enhance health across the entire body.

The use of IMOOL red light therapy has the potential to benefit the mitochondria in two ways; healing damaged cells and improving cell signaling amongst healthy functioning cells. Cells that experience healing have less oxidative stress and produce more cellular energy (ATP), resulting in regeneration, faster healing and reduced pain & inflammation.

Benefits of IMOOL Red Light Therapy For Longevity and Aging

Skin Health: Red light therapy can help support skin health not only for the face, but across the entire body. The mitochondria in skin cells can absorb red and near infrared light, which allows for more energy (ATP), increasing microcirculation that improves cellular balance and stimulating the synthesis of pro-collagen, collagen.

Blood Flow and Circulation: Good circulation is very important and helps ensure that blood and oxygen flow freely throughout the body. One of the “mechanisms of action” produced by red light therapy is a significant increase in blood circulation following a treatment session.  

Muscle Recovery: Muscle cells require a great deal of energy as they grow and strengthen through the process of tear and repair. Supporting circulation and reducing inflammation with IMOOL light therapy can help you heal and recover after a workout or injury.

Inflammation and Pain Relief: As we get older, aches and pains become more prevalent, with one in four adults living with arthritis. Unlike most home remedies available, red light therapy is backed by hundreds of peer-reviewed clinical studies that show effectiveness for inflammation and joint pain.

What Are The Risks of Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy is a safe, low-risk treatment with almost no side effects.* If you’re doing red light therapy at home, it’s important to use a device that meets medical standards and contain safety markings from Internationally Recognized Testing Laboratories. All IMOOL devices have been third-party tested and conform to medical standards ensuring you with the safest, most reliable product.

IMOOL ’s ultimate goal is to help you live a healthier, more balanced life through the use of world-class red light therapy products. We do this by researching, listening, and learning. Our expertly designed devices are created with our customers in mind, and offer a variety of benefits including supporting skin health. Our red light therapy belt and red light therapy panel devices leave all of your bases covered, ensuring that you can harness the power of red light therapy from head to toe.


When it comes to aging, there’s more than meets the eye. While topicals and creams may help at the surface, going deeper and supporting our body on a cellular level provides the energy needed for our cells to not only function, but thrive.  IMOOL red light therapy device can be used as a helpful tool for our mitochondria, fueling our cells to keep us looking younger and feeling healthier, longer.

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