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How to Choose Best Red light Therapy Device for Home

by Wei Xuan Huang 22 Nov 2022


Maybe you’ve likely seen them on your social media feed. Or in hospitals, in beauty parlors, lots of times, the red light therapy device in those places is the red light bed, we have to admit that it works well, but at the same time it is expensive and you need to take the time to make an appointment and then come to use these devices, which is really a waste of time. Therefore, red light therapy for home has gradually entered our field of vision.

Red light therapy for home is cumulative, so don’t expect results overnight, says doctor Desai. It takes time and multiple treatments to see results—especially with at-home devices that aren’t typically quite as intense as medical-grade devices in dermatologist offices.


Mini Red Light Therapy Panel

We all know that the red light therapy device is composed of many 660nm and 850nm red LED lights, so the more red LED lights used, the higher the price.

For consumers trying red light therapy for the first time,IMOOL Mini Red Light Therapy Panel is undoubtedly the most suitable choice.

What a good red light therapy for home! 

1.This is a handheld red light therapy device with a cutting-edge, patented design. It allows for anywhere, anytime use of light therapy.

2.The sleek design, about the size of an Ipad, is completely uncrowded on your desk, and you must know the red light therapy before and after,it is easy to use to refresh after a long day at the office, improve mood and energy.

3.Put on the bedside table of the bedroom, use 10-20 minutes before falling asleep every time, and give the most perfect care to the face, optimize sleep.


Full Body Red Light Therapy

People who often go to hospitals and beauty parlors to receive red light therapy, and the vast number of friends who need to do the full body red light therapy?

Obviously they need something bigger and more powerful, enough to cover the whole body, which would save a lot of time, considering the needs of customers,IMOOL full body panel was born.The great thing about this full body red light therapy tool is that it is large enough to target very large chunks of the body—like the entire back—at a time.

To put it bluntly, IMOOL are the best red light therapy panels.

We provide four different brackets for these large red light panels to facilitate all-round and multi-angle use. Please feel free to consult us for details.

Red Light Therapy Belt



Best red light therapy device for weight loss.IMOOL red light therapy belt is specially developed for sports enthusiasts. It also has good efficacy in exercise recovery, pain relief, prevent sports injuries, and weight loss.

Red light therapy belt is also a good solution for red light therapy at home.  Fitness enthusiasts think that the infrared light belt is the best red light therapy device for weight loss.

The advantage of the waistband is that it is tight to the skin and can adjust the tightness, so it can be used to treat important areas such as the waist, back and knee joints effectively concentrating its healing power on targeted areas of the body.

Red Light Therapy Hat

Our red and near infrared light therapy hat is a powerful and effective tool for hair regrowth and preventing unwanted hair loss in both men and women.

Easy and comfortable to use at home while you work, watch TV, read a book, meditate or relax. All you need is one 15 minute treatment daily to stimulate thicker hair and add density and fullness to your hair.

Specific& Proven wavelengths:

Our red light therapy hat uses clinically proven wavelengths of red and near infrared light for the perfect light therapy treatment. These wavelengths are ideal for skin health, hair regrowth, preventing hair loss, improving energy and performance, enhancing recovery, and increasing mental clarity.



IMOOL red light therapy series, from small to large, include an iPad-sized mini red light therapy panel, a flagship full body red light therapy device, and even the red light therapy for hair loss. This is the gospel for red light therapy lovers.

IMOOL supply CE ETL certificate FDA approved red LED light therapy device which applied the strict aging test to ensure the highest quality.

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